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Black Crush

Black Dating

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Visit Black Crush

Detailed Review is the hottest new ebony dating hookup site on the internet. It was designed with one objective and that is to help black singles hook up with others looking for a local booty call. There are millions of active members and tons online at any given moment making this one of the premium destinations to hang out if you want to hook up with a sexy ebony babe near by! Don’t be shy, give the site the try as right now they are offering always black, always bad and beautiful dating profiles for FREE! That’s right create your own, without having to spend a dime and join the fun that’s known as Black Crush!


Over 7 million horny ebony singles looking for sex!

BlackCrush is huge, how huge well let the total member count speak for that! At the date of this adult dating site review there are exactly 7,901,849 active members on the site. If that’s not huge, then big black asses aren’t the sexiest things in the world! You will meet hot mama’s, ghetto sluts looking to suck cock, and sexy babes with all the right bodankadonks at BlackCrush. Get started by joining the fun today for free!

Simple sign up process that lets you find your booty call for free!

BlackCrush has one of the easiest to use websites I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in a while. The sign up process is simple; the forms to fill out are bold and easy to understand. Basically they listened to the users and designed an interface that is perfect and does what we need. After selecting your desired username, password, and answering a few local questions you will receive an email to confirm your account. After that it’s time to get busy and the fun started!

Amazing profile wizard to help you setup a babe magnat of a page!

Blackcrush is a site that has many years of experience in the field of ebony adult dating, and their site is loaded with the latest technology and features that make it easy and fun to meet people locally. One of the most important features is the profile builder. When you login for the first time you will be able to go through your profile settings step by step and create a page that is loaded with information designed to capture the attention of the reader and get ladies interested. After all, isn’t that what adult dating is all about?

You can setup a blog, check out the forums, or engage in group discussion at

Black the ebony dating hookups site is loaded with amazing features inside the members area that will help you meet someone locally for less than the cost of going out for a dinner and a movie. Some of the extras include access to Forums, Group Discussions, and my personal favorite – the ability to setup a blog that may act as your own personal dating journal where you talk about your fantasies, likes/dislikes and your dreams. Engaging in the community will not only increase the fun factor of the site threefold, it will also help you socialize and flirt with more local women without the direct approach, this often translates to more sex in the bedroom!

Use advanced search for find your dream ebony mate!

The simple search feature is a quick way to get at all the local results, however if you want truly compatible matches there’s nothing that comes close to the advanced search feature available at Black Crush. They designed the advanced search features so it may work locally or nationally, heck it even works internationally. You will have to get quite detailed, the more details you input the better your chances at finding a truly compatible match in your desired zip code.

Use video chat and talk with your black crush in real time via audio & video!

Black Crush is a dating portal that has been around for many years now, throughout its successes it slowly built its reputation and member base up to over 7 million active users right across the United States and beyond. If you want to date, this is the place to go to meet the hottest ebony singles – and now, you can talk with them through webcam chat in real time too. This is one obvious perk of becoming a premium member, something that opens the door to many exciting things!

Upgrade your account to a Platinum or Gold membership and enjoy the benefits of premium membership!

Why upgrade my account is something many people asks themselves, the answer is plain and simple! If you want to take control of your online dating, then the best way to do so is to upgrade your membership so you can message and talk to as many local singles as you want. Gold membership or Platinum membership will unlock the way for your to get in contact with the hottest singles nearby that are looking to get laid, or just have some wild fun! In addition, membership has other benefits especially in the area of the Platinum pass where your account will get featured before everyone else on local search results and you will also be able to gain access to personal HQ videos and photos of the members available only to platinum users.

To sign up as a gold member its only $29.95 USD per month, whereas a monthly membership as a PLATINUM user is only 3 dollars more at $32.95 USD! Now if you sign up for a period of 3 months, you can save big and score the best value at only $18.33 per month for 3 months term!


Some duplicate profiles

I encountered some duplicate profiles on the site while searching in the 10001 zip code, yep that’s New York City baby! I don’t know why people resort to duplicate profiles; maybe they want to attract more attention? It will always remain a mystery however I’d love to see some kind of moderation where duplicate profiles are removed and not permitted to make the whole ebony dating experience better on Black Crush!


Black Crush is a site that has been dominating ebony dating for many years. One of the reasons why so many people continue to recommend this site to their friends is because it really does work. They have over 7 million members and growing and member services are available for less than a cost of a pizza. This is definitely a great offer, and if you are african amercian who is serious about dating and want to meet tons of exciting black singles in your local area, make sure you give this site a try as you definitely won’t be disappointed in any regard!

Visit Black Crush