Asian Dating Site Reviews: Asian dating used to be done over a strict set of traditions and customs. No wonder so many people get sweaty palms and nervous just at the thought of dating Asian women. With internet dating sites, meeting men and women who are compatible with your lifestyle is easier than ever- and without the stress. Instead of having to go through the rigorous process of getting to know one another in person, Asian singles are choosing to avoid the awkwardness and meet up online. Like all modern dating sites, Asian dating comes in many niches. There are western-born men and women looking to meet people in their local community, international dating and all sorts of dating by ethnicity and culture. The key is to find the Asian dating website which fits your personality best. With the many Asian members online, it is easy to meet the right singles for you.


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Korean Friend Finder

Asian Dating

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Visit Korean Friend Finder

Detailed Review is the ultimate way to meet hot Korean girls online. The only Korean dating site of it’s kind it helps people from South Korea, USA, Canada, and the World hook up in cyber space only to help lay the seeds to a long lasting relationship. It’s also a great way to meet local Korean singles looking for a one night stand! No matter what your objective is you will be able to satisfy it with Korean Friend Finder. Now is the time to give it a go by setting up your dating profile for FREE and becoming one of the many dating success stories!


An online community 100% for Koreans!

This is like an oasis of South Korea right on the internet, connecting many Korean singles and real Korean locals from right across the globe. There are hot Korean girls from the United States, sexy Korean boys from S. Korea and beyond – one thing for certain, there’s plenty of love to be had in the air! Join now and be one of the already happy millions of members that are using Korean Friend Finder to meet new people each and every day!

Korean Friend Finder is FREE, and it’s only a 2 step process to setup a profile!

That’s right, setting up a profile on Korean Friend Finder is 100% free. All you have to do is log on to and click on CLICK TO JOIN Heart right on the top. You will be taken to a page where you will have to select you screen name and answer a few simple questions, in the next step you will have to type in a catch phrase as well as a short introduction about yourself and in a jiffy a password that was randomly generated just for you will arrive in your e-mail box! Once you’re in, you are ready to get started!

The site has many options to help you build a profile that will get you NOTICED!

Many dating sites out there forget how important it is to educate their users on how important it is to have a good profile. Korean Friend Finder uses a state of the art system that divides the profile into many different sub-sections making it really easy, fun and fast to fill up. This way you will have a fully loaded profile that will help show off your personality that is as unique as you are. The better your profile, the more hot Korean girls will come your way – don’t believe me? Try it for your self!

Anonymous features, to keep you hidden if you want!

Korean Friend Finder is also a place to meet your next booty call, now we know there are countless people out there who just can’t bare their girlfriend, maybe she doesn’t put out or she’s really boring in bed. If you want to try something new, you can use Korean Friend Finder to find a hot Korean girl near by, yet you won’t have to give up your personality and reveal your photos or anything. They have a shield of anonymity available at Korean Friend Finder that helps you protect photos, videos because you set your privacy settings, so only those you contact can view and see who you are!

Advanced search features and the best video chat out there!

Korean Friend Finder knows that basic features just don’t cut it anymore. Every since we got the blazing fast internet the need for new ways to communicate is ever increasing. That is why they have live video chat where you may use a microphone and webcam to talk in real time with one girl, or conference with many. It’s the ultimate way to date in the 21st century. Of course to find the girls who have webcams, you can use the advanced search feature that also lets you find your Korean dream girl as it lets you dissect people’s interests, likes/dislikes and wants and desires too!

Gold or Silver either way works great, but GOLD will get you more results!

Silver is available for the low monthly price of $12.99 per month. But wait, there’s a way better way to date which will get your profile listed right on top of search results – the GOLD plan. For only 7 bucks more, a total of $19.99 per month you can experience the GOLD package and not only get featured on the top of local search results but also get full access to the community, ICQ/MSN/AIM/Yahoo contact details of members, and also their private video collections too!

Rating Adult Dating DISCOUNT: If you join on a 12 month plan, you will get 6 months extra for FREE! That is a total of 18 months for only $8.33 per month!


Most of the members are in the USA & South Korea

Most of the members on Korean Friend Finder are within the United States or in South Korea. This is really not bad, but the people in Canada, Europe, and other places across Asia (for instance North Korea) might have some problems finding local results. Nonetheless, if you are in S. Korea or USA you will LOVE this site!


Korean Friend Finder is one of the best sites out there for Korean singles looking to meet up and hook up! The site has an upbeat design, and an easy to use interface making it really easy to navigate and browse. If you want to meet hot Korean girls this might be a great place to start, it is priced well, and with the Rating Adult Dating special deal that we’ve received for our readers you can do a whole lot of dating for less than $9 bucks per month!

Visit Korean Friend Finder