Adult Dating Site Reviews: Adult dating sites have made it easy to find a partner, no matter what you are looking for. If you are looking for romance, you will find more than enough members in your local area. In fact, adult dating has become so popular that you can find sub-niches for connecting with people who share your style of life. You might not have even realized that there exists a site for people just like you. For those looking to meet people but without the promise of commitment, there are lots of adult sex dating sites out there. These are the places for no strings attached sex, hot hookups, one night stands, long term fuck buddies and building up your own xxx black books. The internet has really changed the way we meet people. Now, you can find out all about a person from the comfort of your own home before even going on that first date!


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Wild Hot Dates

Adult Dating

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Detailed Review

Let’s cut out all the boring parts of dating, you know the getting to know each other part where you have to slowly ease your way in, watch what you say and be nice. Fast forward to the action part, you know the only thing that’s in a mans mind when he sees a fine ass babe, and we have ourselves a booty call date! Wild Hot Date is not only going to help you get laid tonight, it will also fill up your personal black book with some of the hottest horny girls looking for sex in your city! Don’t settle for anything but the best, join for free and check out the search results!


What would you like on your wild hot date? Sex Please!

If you want to skip the small talk and get down to business in real life, then it’s quite impossible unless of course you enlist the professional services of a hooker! Well, there’s now an alternative and it is named Wild Hot Dates! One of the most hippest adult dating sites on the internet, it attracts the hottest singles and swingers looking to get laid. With everyone’s interest in perfect alignment it is a great place to go if you want to meet people who want to fuck.

It’s time to get it started!

Go ahead, do a quick search and see all the potential prospects you could be having sex with in your town! Creating your profile is free of charge, and once you get setup you will be well on your way to booty call bliss. Build your black book from scratch by flirting with as many babes as you can find through the advanced search feature on the site. There are tons of girls looking to get laid online right now, take the initiate and make yourself a dating profile!

Got your profile setup? Good!

Make sure that you get very detailed in your profile, explain about your likes and dislikes what you are looking for when it comes to sex, and the things that turn you off. Share some of your past experiences, your wildest sex fantasies – feel free to get creative, it is going to serve in your advantage! Uploading photos and videos is going to also help you get laid by attracting all the right girls for you.

Use the forums and get specific sexual fantasies answered and addressed!

Girls love to gossip and what better way to share the latest gossip than to hang out in the forums section. The site is really great and does have a lot of trendy features, the forum is one of them. Post your very own topic for free, and hear the opinions and read the comments of the horniest girls who are looking to fuck. If you want to get some sex tips, there’s a great section full of them accessible via the top menu bar too!

What are you, platinum or gold?

If you are a veteran of adult dating, then you know that in order to message members you will have to upgrade your account to a full featured one. Here at Wild Hot Dates they offer two different packages, one is the Gold pass, the other the Platinum.

When it comes time to chose, here are some important factors to consider. The gold pass lets you get in contact with members via video chat, private messages, and IM. Access video enabled chat rooms and perform an unlimited number of detailed searches. You will also gain access to tons of porn pictures and videos through the extras section. Gold is available for only $22.98 per month or a total of $37.95 if you sign up for 3 months (Yes that’s a 45% discount!)

The platinum pass gives you the benefits of the Gold membership plus lets you build your very own web blog (online diary) as well as check out the private chat rooms, and the video party rooms where tons of members go for group cyber sex fun! There’s also 24/7 priority live chat support and your profile will be reviewed and posted in the featured section for more single horny babes to check out!

Platinum is a great option to pick as it is only $4 dollars more per month than the gold pass. Platinum is available for only $26.98 per month, or $44.98 for a period of 3 months. Want to try it? Now you can for only $4.95 for 2 days on a limited time offer!


Wild Hot Dates has a lot of members from cities, but not so much from smaller towns.

Just so you know, I did some searches to really get the down low on the site and the members. There seems to be a high concentration of members from the large metropolitan areas like Chicago, New York, L.A, and other big cities. If you are in a small town, and you only have population of 2000 people the chances are there won’t be that many booty call options to chose from. In cases like this its always best to try a search in a city near by.


Wild Hot Dates is a great site that lets members meet like minded individuals who are there to get laid, no ifs thens or butts. If you want to take the boring, stressful stuff out of online dating and go straight to the good stuff, there’s no better way than to start discreet online dating today. Wild Hot Dates offers a state of the art members area that lets you find your perfect match through advanced search features keeping your personal details safe and private so no one has to know what you are really up to on the computer.

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