Adult Dating Site Reviews: Adult dating sites have made it easy to find a partner, no matter what you are looking for. If you are looking for romance, you will find more than enough members in your local area. In fact, adult dating has become so popular that you can find sub-niches for connecting with people who share your style of life. You might not have even realized that there exists a site for people just like you. For those looking to meet people but without the promise of commitment, there are lots of adult sex dating sites out there. These are the places for no strings attached sex, hot hookups, one night stands, long term fuck buddies and building up your own xxx black books. The internet has really changed the way we meet people. Now, you can find out all about a person from the comfort of your own home before even going on that first date!


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Up For It

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Detailed Review

Up For It is one of the newest and hottest adult dating sites on the net. It has about 400,000 active members and even more people enjoying the free membership option. has done a great job of making itself stand out from all the other adult dating sites thanks to its anti-spam features and great hookup system. Everything at UpForIt is all about getting you offline and into the realm world for real hookups with sex matches near you! If you live in the US, Canada or UK, then this is a great place to start your hookup search.


Thousands of Active Members

UpForIt is still a pretty new dating site but they already have enough members to put the numbers in your favor! There are several million members, about 400 thousand of which are active on the site. I did searches for major cities around the US and UK and found at least 500 women for each area. The male to female ratio at UpForIt is also well balanced so you don’t have to worry about competing for the hottest girls or guys!

Anti-Spam Features

Don’t you hate it when your inbox gets flooded by spam from people who aren’t really interested in hooking up? Up For It has done a great job of preventing spam at the dating site. They limit the number of emails which Gold members can send/receive daily to 50 (Platinum members can send/receive limitless emails daily). 50 emails is still enough that you can have a lot of fun flirting and meeting hookups while still discouraging spamming.

Making a Profile Couldn’t Be Easier

I’ve signed up for a LOT of dating sites and it is usually a pain. UpForIt makes it very easy to get a detailed profile which tells a lot about you. They have all sorts of questions about personal details, sexual tastes, and your “Naughty CV.” All you need to do is select the answer which best describes you. They even give you advice on how to make a great video intro and which profile picture to choose.

Cool Features Like Video Intros has all of the features you need from an adult dating site, plus some cool extra features. One of my favorites is the video intro. Members are using this feature to make sexy teasers right in their profile. The video intro option is even included right in the profile form so people don’t forget to take advantage of this feature.

Choose Your Membership Level

The management team at Up For It knows that not everyone will be equally active on the site. That is why they have come up with two different membership levels. Gold members get access to all of the features of the dating site but with a few mild limits, like 50 emails daily. Platinum members get to enjoy all of the features without any limits at all and still for a great price. You can sign up for free and browse the site. Or, pay a small amount for the all-access trial. If you like what you see, Gold membership is just £24.99/mo.


Live in the boonies? You may not have many matches…

Up For It has a lot of members but most of them are clustered around big cities. If you don’t live near a major metropolis, you may not have a lot of matches near you. Since adult dating is often a numbers game, sign up as a free member to first to see how many members are in your area.

No Free Video Chat

You can enjoy limitless text chat with UpForIt but you will have to pay for video chat. That means you will need to set up your own video chat instead, like with a Skype account.

No Extra Features

You won’t find any groups, forums, or member blogs at If you are the type of person who likes cyber affairs, then this is a downside. However, I must say that I find it refreshing that Up For It has excluded these features. They tend to keep people online instead of making connections and getting into the real world for real hookups.


If you live near a city in the US or UK, then you can have a lot of naughty fun with The site makes it so easy to get started and meet horny matches nearby. I particularly like the emphasis they put on actually hooking up, not just having cyber sex. Without all of those annoying forums and blogs to distract members, hookups are happening very quickly and frequently. It only takes about 1 week from signup to the first live hookup so you can be having fun in no time!

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