Public Fuckbook Reviews: Are you looking to get laid tonight? Ever just want to hookup with someone that lives near you? Not looking for Ms. Right or Mr. Right? Public Fuckbook was designed to make it easy to get laid. Find a fuck buddy in seconds without all the hassle. Deemed as the facebook of sex, Public Fuckbook is literally a place to find people looking for sex near you. No bells, no whistles, just a straight up adult dating site, designed to help you get laid tonight. What else can we say? If you want sex, this is the best place to start your search. Read our detailed review on one of the best adult dating sites below and get laid now. What are you wait for? Check out Reviews and get Started.


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Detailed Review is the online Facebook for Sex. This Adult Dating site is specifically designed to help you find local, no strings attached sex partners. Fuckbook is a sure way to meet ladies that are horny, they are not looking for boyfriends nor commitment, just a hot stud to rock their world and give them a good fucking! If you want to meet some sexy horny sluts in your zip code, give Public Fuck Book a try and you’ll be astonished at how easy it is to find fuck buddies near by!


Tons of really horny girls who want sex, and nothing more! is a place of sex, ladies don’t come here for platonic friendship seeking, nor do they create a dating profile to meet prince charming. They want to let their true inner self out and find a guy that will give them the best orgasms of their life. If you want to meet countless horny ladies near you, create your profile on Public Fuckbook right away and get started in the game!

Signing up is free and easy!

Select what you are looking for, your date of birth, where you live and enter your email address. Next step is to pick a username, set your intro title and a brief about me text and soon, in your inbox will come the login details to give you uninterrupted access to the member’s only areas. Once you are in, that is where the real fun begins by first filling out your fuckbook profile!

Fuckbook has an incredible members only area!

Oh Wow, after getting my free account setup and logging in to the members only area at Fuckbook I have to say it is one of the best adult dating sites not only from the out, but also from the in. The top menu bar separates all the important sections into their own pages, while the sub menu gives quick access to who is online, buddy list, new members, and even a list of people who last visited your profile!

More features than anyone could ever ask for!

Public Fuckbook is one of the best adult dating sites online. This is apparent from the first time anyone steps foot to their main, public page. But is confirmed after signing in the members only area where features are abundant! They have some of the most advanced state of the art dating tools handy that make it very easy, and hassle free to find casual hookups, and or even foster a long lasting romance through Public Fuckbook. Even though the site is about sex and there’s plenty of it available with the tool you can meet your ideal match, and even though your relationship might only start off very sexual, facts released by scientists prove that many women get attracted to like minded individuals, so who knows your fuck buddy might be the best girlfriend you will ever have!

Live Video Chat, Private Email, Instant Messaging, Forums, Blogs and more!

I did say Public Fuckbook has a lot of great features; some of these are the live video chat, private email, instant messaging, forums, blogs and more. Live Video Chat offers an incredible opportunity for people to get to know each other through a highly interactive matter via both sound and video. The private email and instant messaging although traditional is a core of any online dating venture, however at Public Fuckbook they taken the traditional and made it better by introducing smiley and more! Bookmark your favorite members to your hot list, and see when they are online, block people and restrict them from ever messaging you. Very useful when fake profiles bombard you with spam! J

Upgrade now for one low monthly price and unlock all the premium features!

Public Fuckbook is the only premium site free members can truly explore before signing up to become a real date player. The site gives tons of premium features that spell value and results for anyone who wants to get laid. Advanced Search features that let you find exactly your dream fuck buddy, unlimited emails, HD quality photos, private galleries no one can get access to only you, Live Video Chat, Hot XXX live streaming videos Youtube style, and a buddy network where you can keep tabs on who seen your profile, when and how often!

The price to upgrade is only $29.95 per month, no hidden charges either and no funky metals Silver or Gold… just one premium pass that gives you all the features!


Public Fuckbook is no place to go if you are looking for long-term romance!

Public Fuckbook is a place for sex that is where members can meet other horny members looking for sex and to try new things. If you are looking for the type of adult dating site that will help you meet Miss Perfect or Mr. Right, then this is definitely not the adult playground you are looking for. Read our other reviews, and find specialized sites that will get you’re the romance you seek, but remember Public Fuckbook is a place to get you laid tonight!


Public Fuckbook is your place to get laid. The only adult personals site that doesn’t hide the fact about the service it provides. Tons of hot women from all across America & beyond sign up, and create a fuckbook page to meet hot guys to have sex with and try new things. If you want to put a new spin on your sex life, and experience things your partner never wants to try, setup your fuckbook page and date discreetly. A great site loaded with state of the art features all at one great monthly price. Check it out!

Visit Public FuckBook