Adult Dating Site Reviews: Adult dating sites have made it easy to find a partner, no matter what you are looking for. If you are looking for romance, you will find more than enough members in your local area. In fact, adult dating has become so popular that you can find sub-niches for connecting with people who share your style of life. You might not have even realized that there exists a site for people just like you. For those looking to meet people but without the promise of commitment, there are lots of adult sex dating sites out there. These are the places for no strings attached sex, hot hookups, one night stands, long term fuck buddies and building up your own xxx black books. The internet has really changed the way we meet people. Now, you can find out all about a person from the comfort of your own home before even going on that first date!


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Book Of Sex

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Detailed Review

Social networking is taken to new extremes at Book of Sex. This adult dating site is all about making connections with other horny members and building up your own personal black book. If you aren’t comfortable meeting up with a member right away for a one night stand, you can enjoy the virtual sexual networking in hot chat rooms or by checking out the tons of naughty pics and vids posted by members. With millions of members from all over the world, you are sure to find the hot hookup or fuck buddy that you are looking for!


Tons of members online

To give you an idea about how many members are at Book of Sex, there are more people using the site than residents of NYC. Though not all the members are active, you will still find thousands of members in every area of the US and Europe. Even some smaller countries are starting to get huge member bases. Since there are usually more than 100,000 members online at any given time, you can really start networking with people from all over the world. It can be just as fun to meet people for flings in your hometown as it is to have late-night sex chats with members from Malta to Madagascar.

Great networking tools

At Book of Sex, you don’t have to rely solely on emails to hookup with members. There are great features like IM and video chat rooms. With so many chats going on at once, you’ve got a great choice of rooms by topics, erotic interests, fantasies, location and much more. The live webcams can get really spicy and guarantee instant satisfaction on those long nights alone. There are other cools tools for hooking up with members too like instant matches, filter settings, voice messages, groups, blogs and an area where you can filter the entire site for your area.

Lots of sexy member pictures and videos

The members of Book of Sex seem to be exhibitionists! Members can post unlimited pictures and hours of video for free. As you can imagine, some of these amateur pics and vids get pretty risqué! There are lots of nude pictures to be enjoyed and the women particularly seem to enjoy themselves by posing in lingerie. The videos get a bit wilder with lots of touching and strip teasing. Not only do these galleries give you instant gratification but they also help you find sexually compatible members for hot flings. Videos are divided up by High-Quality and webcam videos. There are almost half a million in total so you’ll be really happy about the great filter options available for sorting through them all!

Fantastic members area

It is so much fun to hang out at Book of Sex and meet all sorts of people. I’m almost tempted to list this as a con because you might find yourself spending more time online than in actual hookups! I love the way that the homepage is personalized by your local area and by compatibility matches. Also on the homepage you will find the hottest member videos and photos, and new members’ profiles. There are all sorts of filters you can use to block members that you don’t like and various “winks”, “spanks,” “flirts” and more to say hello. It is easy to keep track of your hookups with your own personal area for favorites, contacts, emails sent, flirts sent and much more. All of it is organized on an interface which anyone could figure out and easily use.


Not many activities

I was really disappointed that members aren’t posting in the activities section of BookofSex. This is the area where you can post an event like a sexy singles meeting or risqué activities like swinger parties. Not a lot of sites have this option at all so it’s upsetting that more people aren’t taking advantage of it. Of course, you can always start a trend with the members in your area by making your own hot activities!


If you are a prude, then you will want to stay away from Book of Sex. For anyone looking for a hot fuck buddy or juicy fling, then get ready for a wild time! Book of Sex doesn’t hide the fact that it is all about hooking people up for casual sex- and all the members know it! You don’t have to worry that you’ll offend someone by sending a dirty email or swapping nude pictures. In the short time I spent at Book of Sex, I had a really fun time flirting with other members and enjoying all the pictures and videos they posted. If you are adventurous and open-minded, you can easily find a hot sex date here!

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